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C형강브라켓 그네형


-3/8" 1/2" 겸용


  • C or Z Purlins or up to 1/4" (7mm) horizontal beam flange
  • Slotted, Hex, Robertson, Phillips combo head bolt
  • Hardened cup point setscrew for secure grip
  • Fast installation of threaded components ( 1/4" or 3/8"), no nuts required.
  • Swivel feature option
  • Electrogalvanized finish for good corrosion protection
  • Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized finish (special order)

NOTE: Loads up to 200 lbs. (0.90 kN) on C or Z purlins or 160 lbs. (0.71 kN) on horizontal beams.


CADDY Multi-Flange Rod Hangers work on C & Z purlins as well as I-beam/bar joist flanges. Available with a swivel to permit straight threaded rod drops from pitched roofs.

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